Dynamo for rebar

Hello @Pal_Roe_Larsen. Could you send the Dynamo Script to my email: erwin.sanjaya1996@gmail.com?

Thanks in Advance.

Hello @Pal_Roe_Larsen. Could you send the Dynamo Script to my email: elzohry2005@gmail.com?

Thanks in Advance.

Hi Pal, IThis will be of great help for me, this is my email aeroedge@yahoo.com.

Thanks in advance.

Hi @Pal_Roe_Larsen. I am currently a university student. I am currently doing self-learning for the Dynamo. Could you please send the script to me. 1801658@sit.singaporetech.edu.sg

Thank you so much

Hello Pal,
And this is my email if you can sent it to me :ngocthepham93@gmail.com
Thank you very much.

Hello @Pal_Roe_Larsen,
Thank you for sharing, I would be happy if you can send me as well.
My mail is onuresen50@hotmail.com

I am mostly developing add-in with API, so I want to use your dynamo for starting reference hopefully.

Thanks in advance.

Hello sir, I’m a newbie in dynamo, can u share this dynamo with me? I interested in this, many thanks and best regard.
My email: jeremygr.1999@gmail.com


Hi Pal,

Could you send me the dynamo file? My email is mauris23.s91@gmail.com
Thank you very much.