Dynamo files always frozen when loaded



I have a problem…whenever I load any existing .dyn file, all nodes are frozen and are not editable i.e; integer slider value cannot be altered. The definition runs and works fine but I have to copy and paste nodes that I need to edit.

Is there a reason why this is occurring.

My Dynamo version is and working with revit 2014, PC runs on Win 7.



Hello Nikko Sudirman,

Sorry for the inconvenience, but can you please try on latest daily build?





I noticed recently that the installation file’s size dropped from 67MB to 28MB after 2014-08-13.
Also the last stable daily that works for me is http://dyn-builds-data.s3-us-west-2.amazonaws.com/DynamoInstall0.7.1.20140724T0700.exe

All the later ones with 2016 support seem to crash whenever I try to rename a node and experience overall instability.



Hello Dimitar Venkov,

I don’t think our last Stable build is one month old. We had some issues while switching between our installers and recent internal restructure, but we addressed most of the crashes reported by users and our internal QA. Specially the renaming of node and loading of previously saved file was not able to edit in new version.

I use latest build always and today I am using this build DynamoInstall0.7.1.20140824T2204.exe ( build number from About dialog) and everything working for me.

Installer size reduced to 28MB is expected because of our internal restructure.

Can you please uninstall our 0.7 version Dynamo and delete files manually from “C:\Program Files\Dynamo 0.7” folder and then install latest daily build and try out.

Meanwhile I will try to reproduce your problem.


Thanks guys. I re-installed with new build and works fine.


I uninstalled and deleted the folder and now everything works great with the latest daily, thanks. :slight_smile: