Dynamo Crashing System.NullReferenceException error

Hi all,

I always face this issue after running my dynamo script using dynamo player.

After this issue occur my dynamo will start to lag badly that it keep crashing.
May know if there is a solution for this error?

Could you share your Dynamo script and Revit File? And does this only happen with the single script?

I have been getting and continue to get the same error. Sometimes dynamo crashes other times it just slows down substantially. Attached are my Revit file in Revit 2020.2 and Dynamo 2.3.0.

View - Detail Renumbering.dyn (317.2 KB)

Same there. I have to start dynamo at least 3 times because usually firs starts crash (with revit also).Not immediately but in main menu you can not click on upper panel (File, Edit. View…). After opening script you get “Sytem.Null…” message. After run or close dynamo Revit crash.

Revit 2020.2
Dynamo 2.3.0