Dynamo crashes on sweep

Dear all,

I am using Revit 2016 and Dynamo 0.9.

Every time I try to preview the sweeped element or ImportInstance.ByGeometry the Dynamo crashes. I can see the surface with ‘Watch’ though.

Does anyone have an idea is it a sweep, import or visibility problem?

This is also weird as I have created one facade with the sweep, and on the other facade the file just crashes every second.
Would be thankful for any help.

Screenshots? File? Hard to know what is up without something to look at…

Hello, sorry, it’s my very first question here. How does it work if ‘New users can not upload attachments’?

Link to a screenshot usually works. If not try posting to a dropbox or other file hosting service and linking us to that.

Thank you, Jakob! Next time I will attach the file. About the sweep crash: it was really surprising for me that Dynamo crashes from one little sweep. Anyway, I have installed the latest Dynamo, and now it works.