Dynamo Can change name of shared parameters in familly?

Hi everybody,

I have a lot of familly with shared parameter which include my trigram and i need to change that trigram for a project or just delete if is it impossible.

Have You an Idea, how i can do ?
I search in internet and in this forum but i didn’t find something.
I’m surprise i’m the first who have this problème.

Thanks a lot for your answer :smiley:

Hi Lineocad,

Could you clarify what you mean by trigram?
We have identified the topic of using one’s own families with different shared parameters (the company’s a project’s…). Our library management system OnFly, could be interesting for you. You can manage your families online and connect them to different shared parameters.
Here are some info https://ptdrv.linkedin.com/h88rx3c

Happy to discuss further if you are interested,

TRIGRAM is a shortcut of the name of my socity.
And i need to replace them by a the name of my project.

I don’t need of a commercial solution i know tout platform and it’s not appropriate.

Thanks you

@lineocad ineocad
you need to improve your search skills…