Dynamo automatically downloads updates on every session

I have noticed that every time I open Dynamo (v1.1) from Revit (v2017), some data gets downloaded automatically from “http://dyn-builds-data.s3.amazonaws.com/”.
It is getting rather large, just today it downloaded 134.2MB.
This seems strange, does it happen with everyone? and is there a setting to stop automatic updates? I am under the impression that you need to get a new installer for a new release of Dynamo, so what exactly is happening here?
When I check the Dynamo command window, I see the below directly after initiating Dynamo. So clearly it is downloading updates, but my version will not be updated to 1.2, and I can’t find the downloaded files.

Requesting version update info…
Dynamo – Build
Duplicate migration type registered for SunPathDirection
Dynamo will use the package manager server at : https://www.dynamopackages.com
DynamoPackageManager (id: FCABC211-D56B-4109-AF18-F434DFE48139) extension is added
Backup files timer is started with an interval of 60000 milliseconds

DynamoManipulationExtension (id: 58B0496A-E3F8-43D9-86D2-94823D1D0F98) view extension is added
NotificationsExtension (id: ef6cd025-514f-44cd-b6b1-69d9f5cce004) view extension is added
Welcome to Dynamo!
00:00:00.9547995 elapsed for loading Dynamo main window.
WPF Render Mode: SoftwareOnly
Update available:
Update download started…
Update download progress: 0%
Update download progress: 10%
Update download progress: 20%
Update download progress: 30%
Update download progress: 40%
Update download progress: 50%
Update download progress: 60%
Update download progress: 70%
Update download progress: 80%
Update download progress: 90%
Update download progress: 100%
Update download complete.
Update download complete.


That’s a good question for @Zach_Kron, @Michael_Kirschner

Check the FAQ here:

Q: I’m a BIM manager, can I turn off update notifications in Dynamo?

A: Yes. If you can create an xml file named
UpdateManagerConfig.xml with following content, in your Dynamo
installation directory, then update manager is disabled. Once this file
is deleted, update manager is available again.

<?xml version="1.0"?>



Thanks Dimitar, the solution described in the FAQ worked.
I placed the XML file here: C:\Program Files\Dynamo\Dynamo Core\1.2