Dynamo and umlauts?

Hi guys,

I´m a new dynamo-user, tried some little things an need your help please.


I want to check and later edit some parameter of ducts. At first I want to check only the high and width.

In german “Höhe” and “Breite”.

With the parameter Breite everything works well, but I can’t check the parameter “Höhe” - because of the umlaut.


Is there any possibility to make this run?

I tried the UTF-8 code, the ö without any result.


Another, little question:

Is there a way to change from imperial to the metric units?

I changed the option “Lenght display units” to Millimeter, without any result?

For example 200mm is 0.656ft - 0,656ft / 304, … shows me the correct 200mm


Special characters should be fixed in recent daily builds.

Units are a complex matter in Dynamo but it is rumoured that this is going to be a lot simpler in the very near future. Search the forum for “units” for more info on that topic… :wink: