Dynamo 2020 white screen

When opening my Dynamo in Revit 2020, Dynamo gives a white screen in the background, i can see the white screen in the taskbar and it tells me it’s open but i can’t click and work with it.
Does someone have the same problem and knows what to do?
I already restarted my computer…

The same, when I try to click on the white background, there is a warning with NullReference… Helix.WPS…
It happened after my window update and now I do not know how to solve it
A temporary method is open Revit with a new project by the Structural template => Open Dynamo => Open the project you need => Close the project with Structural template and work.

Thanks for your respond!
Still doesn’t work for me… also doesn’t give a warning like you have.

Can you post your most recent Dynamo log?

I googled a bit and I found the problem.
when holding my cursor on the white screen and push the next buttons:
Alt+space+c the dynamo shows up…

Likely there was a pop-up dialog (first run analytics questions maybe) which was being placed offscreen somewhere, as I believe that those keystrokes are a shortcut to close the active window.