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If this platform is not right to discuss/ask this problem then I am sorry for that.

I am working on dynabridge family in which everything is working smoothly except for boxgirder section family/ box girder family bottom edge curve. I can constraint all the other parameters except for the lower radial curve. Please find the picture attached to further understand the problem.

I want to constraint the lower radial part such that where I change the other nested parameters it automatically gets calculated and acquires a fixed shape. If anyone has any idea regarding the same please share.

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Put a radius dimension on each curve in the bottom face and lock it

Hey @ingenieroahmad

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But when I put a radius dimension on the curve and lock it. Then try to change the other dimension I always get a error that constraints are not satisfied.

Can we calculate the radius separately I mean as per other parameters.

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This problem could be related to the technique of building the family, usage of reference lines and the relation with other parameters.

We need to see the family to check it up.

Hey @ingenieroahmad,

Sorry for late reply I was just cleaning up the file.

Please find the attached family file. I have locked the upper curve radius but not the bottom one.
25 Dec_bridge profile.rfa (592 KB)
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