Duplicate Geometry

Hi - Was trying out (a modified version of) the sample script: Revit_Floors and Framing.dyn

Created a sequence of rectangles & passing on these to the “Translate” action so they get moved up to the incremental Z value. I assume the syntax is: start…end…#No. of copies

Query 01: How to specify number of copies at this spacing (without mentioning the end)? Is that possible?

Query 02: Unable to understand why I am getting a second set of rectangles. The sample .dyn generates only one set of polygons


Can anyone please help me understand what I am missing here?


R. Chandrasekar

Found out what I was missing - The preview was switched off in the sample script - So the other set of polygons weren’t visible - That answers my Query 02.

But it would be great if I get help reg Query 01.


R. Chandrasekar.