Duct Tag Automation - Insulation/Lining

Hi All,

Trying to automate the process of automating the Tag so that it saves lot of time for us an human error aswell once we include this into workflow.

We have already created the duct tag that spits out R vale based on insulation value. Secondly, was
able to create the list of ducts and populate Tags automatically.

From here I am planning to create separate the lists based on their insulation (50,75,100) / linings(50,75,100) and use appropriate tag type to assign. Stuck to read the insulation or lining node from revit and pointers to achieve this would be greatly appreciated.


Maybe I didn’t quite follow your issue, but I think you would just get the insulation and lining thicknesses from the duct and filter by values > 0.

Can you share some pictures and maybe your script?

Rather than set the grouping in the Dynamo Script, couldn’t the thickness->Rvalue logic be addressed in the Tag family?

At that point your script could just check for the presence of insulation/lining and tag appropriately(though I believe with the right parameter ordering and prefix/suffix assignment this could all be doable in a single, comprehensive tag).

Sorry to check in little lately. Yes, the tag that I have currently is wise enough to spit the R value based on insulation/lining thickness.

However what I’m planning is, once you select a system or the floor plan and run the script it should auto populate the R value tags.As you know we can’t have same insulation all over the floor plan that’s where I want dynamo to be wise enough to create separate lists based on the insulation value and then we can kick in the tag at this point to add the tags.

The advantage with this is: Saves human error as you the tag to auto populate the R value, inconsistencies like wrong type of the tag for insulation/lining.

Sorry for the background error message need to fix this , don’t know how to do it though.

Example tag, all four tags are the exact same (1 - RVALUES) but output based on presence of liner/insulation.

Do you have this arrangement, or do you have separate tag types (1 type for uninsulated, 1 type for insulated, 1 type for lined, etc…)? Or do you have a more extreme setup like 1 type for R4.2, 1 type for R3.5 etc…

The more tag types you are starting with, the more complex the graph will become.


The tag has two types within, one for insulation and one for lining.

Splitting based on four types - insulated, lined, neither, both.

This works, but I would not recommend it: if you make a change to the duct, like swap insulation for liner, you now have to swap the tag as well. If you can consolidate all of the logic to the tag, it improves the user experience (the user can leave the annotation alone and it still displays the correct information).

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