Drawing problems

Hello to everybody,

I am new to vasari and I face some problems.

I have a facade with some windows and some shaders so I would like to calculate the amount of sun casting on the windows. The problem is that when I try to insert the autocad block into the vasari I get a message "Some ACIS objects could not be imported. To import them, use AutoCAD to convert them into polymesh objects and reimport.".

I tried to explode them, it did not work. I tried to duplicate and create surfaces on the existing drawing so as to import them, it did not work.

I was thinking just to draw from the beginning this window and its shaders into the vasari but i find it complex to work with... Maybe I should do it firstly in the autocad using polylines and then extrude them??

Any help?

thank you

try to insert cad into Vasari mass family, then insert the family into the project.

i think i made some progress.. i drew it into the autocad and then i imported it into the vasari changing the scale to 10.

1. does it change the dimensions of the imported object or is it only for viewing purposes?

2. now that i inserted the objects in vasari, it does not allow me to select the surfaces in which i am interested so that i can do the solar analysis........ when i try to explode it, it just disappears...

some piece of help??

i attach the file

Moreover when i designed something easy just to test the insert option it really does insert it into the vasari but it is so small i barely can see it. How could we solve this?