Drawing numbers to BS1192

I’m hoping for some help, our drawing number are in the following format 0000-X-XX-XX-XX-1234. What I’m trying to achieve is selecting values from a drop down menu then filling in these values on a sheet. I have set 4 shared instance parameters, so that each drawing sheet can be different. The first set of values are project number and last value is drawing number. Also based upon the first X, I would like different sets of drop downs to select the last 2 XX. I’ve manage to work out the drop downs, what I need help with is sheet section & filling in shared parameters.



Hi Glen - How far did you get with developing this? Can you please post what you have done so we can see where you are stuck?


Have a look at the script within the following link as it may have some areas/techniques you can use(or just use this script)

Video of the script:

What I have managed to do so far

Thanks for the reply, will be very useful for me.

Hi All,

I’ve almost completed my task regarding drawing numbers, sometimes the script will not run as the Active View does NOT refresh, when it should do. Can anyone help with forcing it to refresh active view?


This solution is not exactly automatic, but it is something that I like to do to have more control over the graph and avoid to disconnect/connect nodes in order to refresh them.