Door and Room query with python

Hello people,

I am working right now on a dynamo script to schedule doors plus there amount of panels and there adjacent rooms.
I want to create three (3) columns in Excel, where I can show: (1) If the door contains 1 or 2 panels and it is = 50 cm then it is “Yes” and (2) if it is <> 50 cm it is “No” + (3) ID Number and eventually a pop up window with an Error Warning.

I started to get all elements and parameters like width, height and amount of door panels out of the revit file and make a excel list out of it. now i wanted to use the function for each, to filter doors with one panel or two.
does anybody know how i can continue asking for the width and the error warning?

regards Julia

Hello again,

I tried now to continue with python. Probably it is more then wrong but i never did any programming before.
Maybe there is somebody who can help?


Hello, I can’t really help with the “warning” part of your workflow, but I would give two advice here:
First, you could get an Excel schedule very simply by exporting a Revit schedule. This can be done through Dynamo using Bimorph Nodes, see here:

You would need to write the IDs first as doors parameters (with an Element.SetParameterByName node).
But second, I would rather use GUIDs because they are more stable than IDs, see here:

Once this is in place, you can add any other parameter to your schedule, such as a boolean coming from a filter by width:

Dear Yna_Db,
thank you very much for the respond,

I tried and got to a solution for the query. my next step is it now to match my door ID together with my filterd Room ID. As the script should only run in Revit, it isn´t necessarily to get the Unique ID, but thanks for the recommendation.
Regarding your recommended links I did my next step, get all my room ID´s. The next step should be a query for: Every door, opened to a cellar and storeroom, must have a width of ≥ 0,50 m
I was thinking about using get to from room.
maybe you have a better idea how to connect the Element.ByID dirrectly with my doorID and list then together.

regards Julia