Don´t display README.txt after installation?


I´ve made an deployment of Dynamo 1.0.0 but after the installation there´s a README.txt displayed after the installation.

Is there a possibilty to not show that txt-file after installation?

I´m installing Dynamo with the switch /silent:

“DynamoInstall1.0.0.exe /silent”

Are there any other switches to use with the installation?



Hi how about trying /VERYSILENT

Yes, or /almostsilent should be more correct right now.

Have the .txt-file displayed for 100-ish users is about 20 emails/phonecalls about that textfil.

So no other option then to have that txt-file displayed after installation?

Is there some changerequest somewhere to have an installationoption to show or not to show in the next release?

You can try to post it on Dynamos Github: