Does Vasari have Wall, Window and Door Tools


Since I use a Mac I can’t quite tell - just have to look in through the window …


I would like to see an architectural conceptual, schematic through design development software. The interface would be easy to use and modern like maybe Mudvox or Sculpt. It would be affordable and cross platform. Small and large firms would love it because it is fun and easy to use. The projects would be readable by Revit at any stage and handed off to Revit for beyond DD. For small firms it could have some documentation tools as well.

Sounds like I am trying to replace Revit which is true to some degree. I think Revit is too expensive and complex for most projects and architects. It is not really a fun or lovable approachable GUI. Ever wonder why Sketchup is so popular among all ages of architectural professionals, but often stretched way beyond it's means ...

There is a great need here. Sticking with a Revit only model is like VW Group only having Bentley and not Audi and VW.


No, Vasari does not use building components, and is intended to operate mainly with building massing tools.