Does Element.overrideColorinView node work in camera mode (Revit)?

I think it does not work, however I would like to know if I am right?

Thanks in advance.

Hi Ambrosio, The Revit API ( the mechanism by which Revit talks to other applications, like Dynamo) does not allow interaction with Camera views. This is similar to how Dynamo cannot, for instance, interact with Revit while inside of an In-Place Family. You should see a little indicator of this when you are in these contexts


Thanks Z

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Yup, I will second Zach on this. I think that in recent Revit releases (2015 R2) there were some basic Move, Rotate, etc functionalities enables in a Perspective View, but that doesn’t exactly change the game for anyone. For now, I would consider Camera/Perspective to be off limits.

Thank you very much.