Does any body else think the training videos are shit?

the narrator is monotone and just flies through the examples, i find i have to watch each video multiple times just to finish the steps, but i still have no idea what it is that i am doing. can this be simplified even just a little bit? can the videos have the option to be rewound? its a pain the in ass when i miss a step at the end of the video and have to watch the whole things just to see it again…

Pay for some training… and a box of Kleenex too.


They are YouTube videos with control removed for cleanness (I guess). You can click on the YouTube logo at the lower right corner and watch the same thing from YouTube with all controls back (rewind, pause etc).


Nice AEC trash talk! +1 for that. LOL


Try not to be so negative, you just might get what you’re after easier. These people don’t owe you anything.

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