Dividing the topography into subregions that was used to join into that toposurface in the first place?

I know the title may be hard to understand. But in Dynamo, I selected a topography and it’s subregions separately. For some reason in the graph I made, I can’t select the toposurface and subregions all at once.

I transformed the topography into polysurfaces in order to smooth the contours. Then at the end made the collection of points back into a toposurface. I was wondering if it was possible to regain the separate subregions at the end of the graph? As in keep the smoothed contours and get access tot he separate subregions that were joined in the beginning.

For additional information, I joined the separate subregions and toposurface into one polysurface in the beginning of the graph. Then throughout the graph made a points which ended up being the base for the new topography. From the logic flow, it sounds like the starting subregions and toposurface are no more by the end of the graph.

Would the correct workflow be to make the overall toposurface, use the dynamo graph to smooth the contours, then make the subregions on the new, smoothed topography?

As it’s the end of the work day, I probably won’t be able to respond until tomorrow morning. Thanks for your help, and I will respond tomorrow.