Divide a geometry or family with varied separation

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Hello good afternoon, can someone help me to create this varied division, with a geometry or family, thank you very much!

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Hola buenas tardes, alguien me puede ayudar en poder crear esta división variada, con una geometría o familia muchas gracias!

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To do this via Dynamo I recommend looking into FamilyInstance.ByPoint, and setting rotation accordingly. You’ll have to build the family first though. Alternatively you could use a curtain wall family where the mullions are the vertical elements you’re after, and place a curtain grid at the desired points. Give it a shot and see where you get.

Thank you very much for your reply. But I am very new to dynamo.
I have families. I still don’t understand how to apply what you said to my project.
Thank you

I recommend to run through the Dynamo Primer as a first start then: About | The Dynamo Primer

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