Dissociate Elements from Definition

Is there a way to dissociate elements resulting from a Dynamo script from the script?

My example: I am creating curtain panels, the panels are adaptive and dynamo is feeding the points (AdaptiveComponent.ByPoints). Let say two faces of the building are different but the logic is the same (for example the panel geometry is a function of the base curve of the face). I would like to run the definition once with the base curve of face A, then run it again selecting the base curve for face B. When you do face B all the panels on face A will be moved to face B.

What are options to prevent this (I have a convoluted why where I save-as the definition, delete the place adaptive components node, delete the select object node, then re-add them, but it is a pain in the ass to do every time).

Try a slightly different convolution :slight_smile:

-Save and close the Revit project after the first set of panels are generated

-Open the same Revit project, launch the same dynamo file, change the selection and Run


You could also try Select Model Elements or have multiple Select Model Element nodes which creates a list that could be fed to the definition.

However the definition might need some tweaking that enables it to properly process lists.