Different input for "Document.BackgroundOpen" node?



Hi all,

I like the “Document.BackgroundOpen” and “Document.Close” nodes of the Rhythm package very much.
Unfortunately the “Document.BackgroundOpen” node only takes a filePath as input.
I would like if it could open a selection of families (from the project invironment).
I hope @john_pierson (or others) have similar nodes that can do this (but i am not aware of).

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what are you hoping to do with families from the project then? I’m not sure I understand what you are hoping to do.


Hi @Tom_Kunsman,

I would like to add shared parameters to the selected families, like the below workflow (but then for the families that are already in the project).


I hope that makes sence.

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I havent seen your parameters, but i use them this way.

If your Shared Parameters do not control Geometry or Materials, add the Shared Parameters to the Project Parameters and assign the Categories.



Why not export them to a library and use the current workflow?


Hi @MJB-online, you can obtain the family document via the “DocumentUtilities.GetFamilyDocument” node from Beaker.

Edit Formula Value in Project Environment for Multiple Families at Once

Hi all,

Thank you, for your answers.
Thats a smart workaround, i’ll definitely keep that in mind :+1:.
That is also possible, but for now i’m just exploring the possibilities :grinning:
Is the action of the “GetFamilyDocument” node, the same as the “Document.BackgroundOpen” node ?

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Yeah, it is basically loaded the family document into background memory


Hi @john_pierson,

This is the node i was looking for, thanks a lot.
And it’s fast (like lightning) as you mentioned on your blog :thumbsup:

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