Difference adaptivecomponent.by points

In the attached printscreen I have two examples of an adaptivecomponent.by points node. The top doesnt work, the bottom one does work. I think the top doesnt work because its a list. How can I get the top node to work?
Attached is a zoomed in printscreen and the total script.

Both of these nodes created an adaptive component - what was it that didn’t work? If the Transaction.End is the node in question it’s because you likely don’t have a matching transaction to start. Generally speaking it’s best to minimize the number of transactions and keep them sequential, otherwise you can run into these issues or worse.

Hi Jacob,

What I meant with ‘not working’ is that the first one is returning an empty family.

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I haven’t seen that before…

Object.Identity only outputs what is fed in without making any changes, list structure is maintained as well…

Try reducing the transaction nodes and omit the Object.Identity node.