Dictionary does not work, why?


I want to set a Parameter(text/instance) triggert by Levelname! so there are several Levels with the same value: OG01,OG01,… EG01,EG01,…

But it sets the value just one time! what should i do that each level get changed?
My dictionary contains 14 keys:values! I have 36 Levels.



I’m not sure I follow what you’re trying to do here, but generally with a dictionary you would create the pairing of keys, values (which you’ve done) and then you would use a known key (level name in your case I think) to “lookup” the corresponding dictionary value. Right now you just seem to be passing a list of dictionary values directly to the parameter value input. I believe you want to use the element’s level name to get the correct dictionary value and write that to the parameter.

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I tried this it works!
Can i create dictionary without the codeblock?

Yes. I think the node is called Dictionary.ByKeysValues or something similar.

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at least i have to store my values in the codeblock. its ok finally - thank you :slight_smile: