Determine the horizontal projection of window by using dynamo node


Is there anybody know how to get the P value (Horizontal Projection of Window) which is indicated inside the picture that I have uploaded by using Dynamo BIM. If there is, please kindly help me. I seek for the any possible solution.

Thank you.


I think this comes under advanced user… I have 2 suggestions…

It’s possible that you could infer which roof you want by getting the window’s host wall, seeing which roofs it intersects, taking the one with the highest z point, getting the roof boundary, using the facing orientation of the wall to project a line from the centre of the window to the roof boundary, which you could measure…

That’s a simplified process of the easy method…! Which may fail on complex projects, perhaps the overhang has been modelled with a separate roof…

The difficult one would be ray bounce as described here…

Best of luck :slight_smile:


Depending on how you built things, there are several ways this could work. One option would be to make a plane based on: the window’s location point, that point translated on the Z axis, and that point translated by the wondows’s Facing direction. Intersect that plane with the roo’s sketch lines. You’d have to adjust based on how you built stuff and offsets and such.

Thank you for your help.

Thanks a lot