DetailCurve.ByCurve Not Recognizing Active View

I’m using the DetailCurve.ByCurve to draw detail lines on sheets. It works on the first sheet, but continues to draw detail lines on the first sheet even though the active view has changed and been refreshed using a toggle and the Springs.Doc.ActiveView node:

The only way to purge the first view from the ByCurve node is to delete it and re-add it. Other nodes that rely on the ActiveView node are working properly. Any thoughts?

try to use OOTB ( Built in nodes) … use Current Document node then Active view node
try use Dynamo player

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Thanks! I got it working, but I have to combine both suggestions. I had to use the Current Document and Active View nodes. But It has to be run via Dynamo Player. Even if I add a refresh toggle to the first part (How refresh result of "active view"), it won’t work properly without being run in Player.