Detail line to 3d rebar

Hello all
Can anyone help me how to replace detail line to 3d rebar
To use this script in additional rebar on slab area

I hope someone help me

Hi Mahmoud,
Please check out the following post - How to get help on the Dynamo forums
What have you attempted so far?

I would start by installing the Dynamo for Rebar package and try out what it can do.
The package hasn’t been updated for sometime so it may be a bit flaky

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Sorry, I’m new here and don’t know how to ask the question
Detail line to Rebar 2024.dyn (53.1 KB)

I do not know what is wrong with the script, but the goal of writing the script is to convert the line to reinforcement steel. This will help me in reinforcing the additional steel for the slab.

You are trying to use the detail line as the rebar host

Your host will have to be one of Part, Structural Column, Structural Framing, Wall, Floor, Structural Foundation, Stairs or Slab Edge

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Ah ok i will try do it

In Revit, Rebar needs a structural element to host it, such as a Structural Column or Structural Framing (beam) that also has a material for model behavior (not the normal material) that allows it to host such as concrete or precast. Also, floors (slabs) and foundation elements can host rebar.

It appears from your graph that you are passing the detail line into the “Host Element ID” input. Detail lines cannot host rebar.


Can u tell me how to make vector Perpendicular to the line

You can try to use Curve.Normal node.