Detail Line/ Line Styles/ Line Weight


I am trying to extract all detail lines (line weight, line color,line pattern) and change it or match it to each other.

DL Lines


Not comprehensive, but hope this helps







I know I am doing something wrong, but I can’t seem to replicate your results.

I am also trying to change the line style of DETAIL lines but I get error results from the “Element.Set.ParameterByName” and “Get Line Style by Name”


Hi Alex,

Below is an example how to set Detail Lines Line Style.



Kulkul…may I ask where you found the Get All Line Styles node?


You will find it from Archi-Lab Package.



I can’t seem to get line style name through the node (“Get all Line Styles” nor “Get Line Style by Name”). Any thoughts ?


Hi Alex,

Similar issue is discussed here