Deployment when already installed

When trying to deploy silently we are getting hung up at a message saying that Dynamo is already installed and asking if we want to reinstall.

Running this manually is fine and I can finish the install by telling it to reinstall, but the purpose of a silent install is to accept all the prompts that appear so we can deploy it on all the computers at once. I checked the install parameters and have /silent and /supressmsgboxes but still it asks for the reinstall.

Any advice?

See here:

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Sounds doable. Why isn’t this part of the silent process if it’s a known issue?

Because the various parts and pieces which make up Dynamo Core and Dynamo for Revit are very elaborate (remember there are multiple versions of Revit for each release). As a result, sometimes you don’t need to do this and it’d do more harm than good. Other times (your case), it’s a requirement. Using another deployment method could result in a different outcome entirely.

There is also the issue with not knowing what will be done 5 years from now when doing today’s work. It’s kind of like asking why my brother and I didn’t build a wheelchair ramp for the tree-house in the back yard - at the time my brother hadn’t yet fallen out of the tree so his ankle wasn’t yet sprained, so there was no need for a ramp.

I do know that the team is looking to simplify things, but I do not have a timeframe, specifics of what that means, or any inkling as to what may be changed.

Has there been any update to deploying silently? I am experiencing the same issue with Dynamo 2.0.4.
/Suppressmsgboxes does not seem to work so I was wondering if anyone found another solution?

There has! Starting with the 2020 product line this is a non-issue, as the Revit builds control the Dynamo integration.

However for 2.0.4 on 2018 and 2019 I haven’t heard of any changes or updates to the prior process.

Thanks for the reply! I should have stated that I am asking about 2018 and 2019.

We have hundreds of machines that this needs to be deployed to and all have an existing version (2.0.1). Even after uninstalling 2.0.1 there seems to be some sort of registry leftover or something that causes the new install to prompt if I want to overwrite. Unfortunately, the /suppressmsgboxes doesn’t seem to do anything and it would be extremely time consuming to do all of these manually.

If you check the links in the thread above there was some information on how to bulk remove the offending registry issues.

oh! Not sure how I missed that link.

That works, thanks a lot!

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