Deleting level after using it to create a wall

Hi, in order to create a wall between two levels I set levels that based on the project levels with a decrease of 90.
the problem is that these levels created in Revit project and I want to delete them.
I understand I can use the passthrough to delete the levels after I use them to create the walls.
I could not find the way to use this node properly.

in the blow picture the levels I want to delete with the difference of 90.


thanks, Hagay.

The passThrough Input are the levels that you want to delete, the output has to go to the block where you delete them and waitFor is the output from anything that confirms that your have already created your walls.

I guess you could also create your walls in the existing levels with a differece of 90 in the base or the top.

thanks, i will try this,
the reason i did not use the existing levels with difference in the wall height is because there is difference in the levels height.