Delete system panel

Hello, we are working on a file, and operators are coming from 4 different languages.
Ideally I, should force the file to open only and always with Revit in a common version, for example English. In reality it is not possible because some users do not master English. It ends up that in the model there is a curtain wall system panel with the LANGUAGEunwanted, unwanted (and who knows where still but I have to look for). Anybody knows a work-around to eliminate it from the model? Obviously with purge it doesn’t go away, there is no element in the model that uses that panel. The panel is simply available from the browser. For example I can select it and create a new type. I think someone used the standard transfer option for the walls and the panel ended up inside the model. I do not think this is the first time happens, maybe with Dynamo can achieve that. Suggestions?

System panels can have zero dimension items in models with curtain panel grid segments removed. Try getting all curtain panels via Dynamo, filtering out panels with an area >0, and turning all the remaining panels into your desired empty system panel. Then try purging.

thanks for the reply. The system panel is just in the browser so it does not get caught by nodes such all the elements of curtain wall panel.

Perhaps it’s attached to a wall type then? Can you post the file?

Thanks. Unfortunately I cannot post the file. This happened to me before, in a different language context but always with system panels. I have not found any Curtain Wall type who has that panel in their panel.