Defining the Tolerance of Geometry.DoesIntersect

I have two solids in dynamo and want to check whether they intersect. Is there a method of determining the tolerance that is classed as an intersection? Currently if these two solids touch at any point this will give me the result of true. However can I determine what is classed as an intersection by say a minimum area/volume that needs to be touching?

I wonder if you could use the SteamNodes Tool.GetSurroundingElements which has an input for tolerance?

Mark, I don’t think there is a way of defining a tolerance (would be an interesting feature request, though…).

Maybe it makes sense to approach this problem from another angle. If you compute the volume of the intersection, you could query its size (e.g. overall volume, shortest edge length etc.) and use that as a filtering device. For example - here’s how you could get the resulting volume of an intersection (I think there should be a node for that but I haven’t found any, maybe someone else knows?):


I would try Andreas’ suggestion: