Defining a cutting area in floorplanView

Thanks in advance if anyone has some good ideas on this!

I have duplicated some views with detailing and would like to define a cropping area for them (manually in Revit). However, I have only found 2 yes/no parameters so far that define the cropping area

  1. activate cropping area
  2. make cropping area boundaries visible

However, I can’t find any setting options to define the cropping area coordinately in relation to the placed elements on the plan.

I can query the coordinates of my plan elements, but how can I define the plan section via Dynamo?

I also like to work with Python, but I am not yet clear about which parameter controls this. Is it possible to query the coordinates of the cropping area via Python?
By default this area covers the whole drawing window.

I tried to call the cropping area via all elements of category after setting a cropping area of a plan, but i only get empty lists for both options.

Update: Found some nodes to adapt cropboxes. I try to use these nodes, if i get a result i´ll give an update. (View.GetCropBox)

UPDATE: Found a solution by using boundingboxes: