Datashapes Multiform++ Crash Revit 2018

Hello community,

Has anyone experienced the same?

Datashapes Multiform++ Node Crash Revit 2018.3.3

It happens using Dynamo 1.3.4 and Dynamo 2.0.3

The package that I am using for Dyn 1.3.4 is 2018.1.20 and the one on Dyn 2.0.3 is 2019.2.6.

We have recently migrated to windows 10 so I am thinking if somehow this could be related as I believe before it was working fine.

Any ideas???

Hello guys,

Do you have the same problem?

hi @BIMadmin ,
Can you please show how you set up MultipleInputForm++ ?
Also, does it crash rightaway? Are you certain that MultipleInputForm++ is what causes it?

Hello Mostafa,

Thank you so much for coming back to me.

I am pretty sure this is the cause, as if I debug the graph and freeze the node it does not.

It crashes right away, please see link to video attached below.

What makes difficult to find a pattern is the fact is not consistent.

A few users in the practice don’t have the problem.

Not sure if the gpu/drivers have something to do with it???

I have had crashes with Graphs in Revit 2019 as well. Haven’t really investigated enough to find the cause, but one work around is to start a blank new graph in Dynamo first, then open the graph you want to edit/run. Knock on wood, I haven’t had any crashes, when running the same graph thru Player.

Thanks for the video @F.Garcia6Y866 that’s very helpful!
What you could maybe try is update the package to version 2018.12.1 . It’s the latest version for Dynamo 1.3.
Another thing to look at is the plugins you have installed. has reported a behaviour similar to what you are getting and it was linked to the NBS plugin (please correct me if I’m wrong :smiley: ) .

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Thanks Mostafa!!!

I will try that package version and confirm the plugins.

Hi Mostafa,
You are 100% right
It is the nbs plugin!
do you know why? more importantly why is not happening on Revit 2019?

That’s good news (for the future)!
To be honest I have to Idea why that happens or why it stopped happening in 2019. All I know is nothing has changed in Data-Shapes…
I hope this doesn’t cause too much trouble :sweat_smile:

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No problem, thanks for checking
Btw your package is awesome!!!
Thanks for sharing!!!

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