Data-Shapes Form Not Showing / Refinery Runs

Hi Everyone,

Seeking your help from the Refinery/GD gurus… hope I can get some insights.

When I run the attached Dynamo script in Refinery, which contains simple data-shapes list form, nothing happens. I am not even prompted by the Data Shapes form to select items from the list view.

I wonder if I am placing the data.remember node wrong…!?

Thanks all

DataShapes-Refinery.dyn (43.4 KB)

Ok, so… Generative design is going to launch your graph 6 times concurrently, and ask for this input each time the graph is run. A common optimize study would be something like 100 generations, with a population of 100 would result in 100x100 or 10,000 instances of the graph running, and if each time the popup showed up, you’d have to sit there and make the selection in the UI 10,000 times.

I have yet to meet anyone who thinks that is a good idea. Fortunately the application won’t allow such use. Your graph should run without any user input beyond what can be driven by number and integer sliders. Nothing more.

Instead you should remember the geometry given as you have, but remove all the UI nodes and instead use a List.GetItemAtIndex node with a number slider marked as an input to allow Generative Design to explore the solution space.

Also it looks as if you have two studies stuck running in the queue. In order to run new studies you will likely need to pause and then delete the two executing studies which are stuck in limbo, after restarting your CPU.


Thanks @JacobSmall for your explanation.
This is good information to know and it all makes sense.
I also like to play with the List.GetItemAtIndex node so I can avoid the use of the UI nodes. The UI was friendly because it organizes the selection of lines when the user check the UI button. But I can easily implement another “Select Model Elements” node for this.

Thanks again for all your help. :slightly_smiling_face: :+1:

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