Data-shapes, filtering "types" to set default value error

Hi i have a problem. I want to pick default value index by filtering list. But i get error wit user UI…
So without picking the default index the UI works normal:

But with my “filter” i have an error…

Do you have an idea how i can fix it? Where could be a problem? My dynamo:

Insulation pipes forum.dyn (97.3 KB)

Hi, try to replace ScopeIf to ScopeIf+ from Clockwork.

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What is the output of this node?

I have a null

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It doesn’t work :confused: too.

Good question! It depends without filtering i get 2 types but if i use my filtering i need to rerun script few times… I just want to set a default value by name of insulation…

Hello @PrPr
I don´t see the problem and i dont understand the filtering you want to do. I would not use the string.index of node.

This default index option works pretty good, never had trouble with it.

I do it like this:

Next time please show all the node-results before making a screenshot. without these we can´t see whats going on :slight_smile:

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Share your DYN and RVT than, we’ll analyze it.

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Hi sorry for late reply. A lot of work… the working script is: