Data.remeber and nested dictionary

in Generative Design Primer, it clearly states that data.remember node can accept nested dictionaries.
( Current Limitations - Generative Design Primer
I tried but no success. See below

Screenshot 2022-04-29 124619

I’m getting the same error with dictionaries nested within dictionaries (like your example) as well as dictionaries with list values, but not from lists of dictionaries. I’d have to guess the documentation is therefore talking about dictionaries nested within lists, but I’d agree it’s a little vague or misleading if that’s the case.

Besides that, what’s your need for nested dictionaries? We could easily work around that if necessary.

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Thank you for checking.
I am working on a zero-touch node and I had defined it to get nested dictionaries as input.

But now with you confirming it, I updated my node to get a simple dictionary. So I am fine now.

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