Data exchange between Electrical Equipment and Electrical Circuit

I am trying to update Circuit “Rating” for electrical panelboards with their “MCB Rating’s”. In other words, override Rating Parameter with MCB Rating Value. Could someone guide me to finish up my graph?

thank you in advance!

Rating 01.dyn (53.8 KB)

It looks like you’re setting the values for your list of all circuits, not just the ones on your specified panel. MEPover has some great nodes for dealing with circuits. You should be able to use ElectricalCircuit Get Panel and Circuit to get the panels associated with your list of circuits. You can use the panel names to filter your circuits down to only those you need and then just assign the rating to those circuits.


@Nick_Boyts, thank you for your reply. I am doing what you suggested. Could you guide me to get rid of the null values??

Rating 02.dyn (53.8 KB)

You’re still not filtering your circuits. There’s an IsNull node that you can use with FilterByBoolMask to filter out the circuits without associated panels. From there you just need to get the MCB Rating from the panel and assign it to the circuits. You shouldn’t need to do anything with the elements in the circuit.


@Nick_Boyts, when I run my graph, it affects to all circuits associated with the same panel. So if I have 3 circuits going to the same panelboard then they all get the same rating as the MCB Rating.

I also tried this:

You’re almost there. It looks like you just have a panel without a MCB Rating applied.

I would also be careful about removing the nulls from your panel list. This works fine in your current situation because the nulls are at the end of the list, but if they were mixed in you would end up breaking the connection between panel and circuit. The best option is probably to mask out the panels AND the circuits.


@Nick_Boyts, the following graph works. I tested it with different circuits. I have a few issues:

  1. I cannot get rid of the warning, I do know why its there. It would be nice to get rid of it without affecting my results :frowning:

  1. The panel schedule placed on the sheet does not reflect the update. I can only see the updated value when I edit the panel schedule.

Apparently I am not the only one having issues with my panel schedule not updating. Have you seeing this before? would you have any suggestions?

The error is because the non-values from the elements without a MCB Rating are being treated as an empty string. You will have to filter them out in order to avoid the warning. Or you can just leave it as is and ignore the warning.

I don’t think I’ve ran into this exact issue but I have had panel schedules not update (visually) when changes are made. You could try closing/opening views or syncing to see if you can get the view to “reload”.


It only updates the views when I close and re open the project. It still saves me time when working with hundreds of panelboards. Thank you for your help!

@Nick_Boyts, I have come up with a solution to fix my problem with my schedules views.

I created a Project parameter called “Load Name (Place Holder)”. So “Load Name (Place Holder)” will save the “Load Name” text. Load Name will be replaced momentarily with “Processing…” then the graph will replace “Load Name” with “Load Name (Place Holder)”. It did the trick!