Cyclic dependency Issue

I am trying to position different object along a curve but this shows up.
Any ideas please?

What does the error says?

some times is says this one…and some others that their is a ‘cyclic dependency’ …:confused:

And this one is the cyclic dependency error that usually shows up. Problem%203

The first is usually because the object you selected isn’t a curve, the second usually because a node was wired back into itself somewhere along the line. I can’t confirm the first without the rvt (delete everything but the 3D view and your curve object) and the dynamo graph. The second apprears to have been cleaned so restarting should resolve it.

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I restarted it and it worked! Thanks Jacob! I dont get any of the errors now. Hopefully it will stay this way. Again thanks a lot for you time and help. :slight_smile:

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