Curved Edge Length of Repeated Object to Instance Parameter

Hi All,

I have a Generic Model, what I’d like to repeat on the surface. I measure these elements’ length on edges and after I set these lengths to instance parameters. The problem is the object count, because there will be circa ~5000 pieces of these in the model. I can currently pick up the edges of elements one by one (with multiply select command), so it is not an option.
Do You have any idea how can I create an easier method?

There is my method (and the section of Generic Model with surface):

Hi @makiati.89

Assuming here all your edges have same length. You can select one edge and multiple them by number of counts of your Generic Model Families. You can use “List.Cycle” node.

Hi @Kulkul

All edges have different length, so i think “list.Cycle” node does not working. Maybe if i pick this curve and add “curve Length” instance parameter in the family editor of element and then fill this parameter in the project automatic.
What do you think about this solution? Or do you have any idea?


@makiati.89 Are you trying to get bottom edges?

Sorry i didn’t get you? All your 5000 pieces are not similar in length?

Dear @Kulkul

Yes, i am trying to get the bottom edges because these have different length (you can see below).
Picking up with lines all the edges is too much time and thats why i am looking for an other solution, to make it easier.

@makiati.89 could you drop dummy rvt file here?

Hi @makiati.89
You can try something like this:

assuming that the elements are the same repeated adaptive component that means the geometry of all of them is similar so the edge you are looking for should be in the same position in lists of edges of all elements.

You can also try implementing some reporting parameter in the family which is not always a straight-forward task. It should be easy if it’s reporting a straight line, but if it’s a curve this could be more complicated.
You could look at this:

Dear @viktor_kuzev

It looks good but we used more complex profile and we have a lot of warning issues. Any advise?

@viktor_kuzev good solution :+1: but his profile is different and that’s the reason i asked @makiati.89 to drop his profile to give him solution which matches his profile.

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@makiati.89 Try this script Get Curve Length.dyn (5.2 KB)
This should give you the edges length your looking for.

Good Luck!

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This solution is working! Thank you so much!

@makiati.89 Could you please mark the post as solved. Thanks :slight_smile: