Curve from door family, based on origin point / element location

Hi all,
just starting out with dynamo and been reading and learning a lot on this forum.
I’ve been trying to get this curve from my door family (red arrow), but no luck so far.

I’ve tried to:

  • Include a model line in my family, gave it a subcategory name ‘floor separator’ - didn’t succeed to trace this as a curve.

  • Include a symbolic line in my family, did the same and was able to retrieve it using the Genius.loci FamilyInstance Symbolic Line node. This way however I seem to lose the reference to the door instance, which unables me to link it’s FamilyInstance.FacingOrientation to the curve. Also been having some problems with the correct distances on the Z-axis.

  • I think I might be able to reach what I want, if I were able to retrieve the point marked with a red cross in the family. Both Element.Location and FamilyInstance Origin Reference return the point marked with a green cross, despite changing the reference lines joining in the red cross to origin defining and changing the room calculation point to that same point.

Happy to get some advice!

If by the way someone knows how to create a rectangle by offsetting a curve (not a rectangle centered by this curve), I’m curious to know how.


Here’s kind of where I am:

@hbo ,

this nodes can be usefull

to get lines from doors.



Hi Andreas,
Element.Location+ also gives me the wrong origin point (the green cross in my screenshot, not the red one). Also tried Element.Geometry, though the line I want has no geometry in the family. It’s a line in the middle of both door faces.

@hbo ,

you can create line!


Could you elaborate a bit, Andreas? I have no clue what the inputs are and how this node would get me the correct curve associated to the door instance. Rookie at work!

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@hbo ,

i just play with geometry!