Cross List Items


I have excel list from which i can filter various information. I have a problem with cross referencing the existing types from project (some projects dont have all info from excel) with full list of values from excel.

How can i say to dynamo to choose/cross reference top list with IDs and Nulls with bottom one?


Maybe this way


Hi, thank you for the answer. But I think its not the one.
I have two lists. The first searches project file and tells me what types i have and what not (nulls).
Now I want to filter only those list numberrs which are in project file from the second list.

Here is an example of excel i am using. On the left, existing value, on the right rename.

So for exampe, as shown in firsti image. Dynamo searches Project File and finds only UZ6a. How I can tell it that the name i want to replace is PZ2 from the excel?

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I do not know if I understood well
maybe that (if not sorry)


You are trying to write 138 values to 43 objects.
Lists lengths must always be equal.
Try to place new nodes after your two Watch nodes:

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