Creation of lists for different buildings

Hello everyone,
It’s the first time for me that I go on this forum so I will try to be clear :slight_smile:
Basically my project consists of 3 buildings (B47/B48/B49) and two different finishes: Finish Floor Level (FFL) and Solid Structur Level (SSL). So I made my script according to shared parameters that are depending on the building but when I import all my levels I can’t find a way to separate them by building. As you can see on the picture:

Is it possible to create lists or filters to allow to select this or that building?
Thank you in advance and have a nice day

Zabala Julien
Bim modeleur

here is a way to do it



Get only the Building Name from the Element name parameter and use that to group the elements by Building Name


Oh super thanks :slight_smile: i wiil trying this

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