Creating System Families from an excel sheet CHALLANGE



Im looking for help/Info on an challenge im facing,

I need to create 50/60 system family wall types, and fill out the meta data in each for COBI , IFC and specification data. So what im thinking is that i create an excel sheet like in the image below, get the supplier to fill this with all the mete data and have dynamo bring it back into revit and create the different wall types and the parameters for all the meta data.

If I got that far it would be great, but to push it a step further , could i get dynamo to create the different layers within the wall types ?

Is it possible ?? any help is much appreciated.


Hey Jason,

I think I found the basic node you’ll need to create the various wall types, and to put information into them form excel. The first thing to do is to get the Clockwork package from the package manager. There is a node called ElementType.Duplicate which is the easiest way in my opinion to make new wall types. Combine that with the read excel nodes, and some clever list manipulation, and you should have no problem creating new wall types, and setting the parameters as you describe.

Changing the layers is a little harder. There are nodes in clockwork to get information about the CompoundStructureLayers, and a node to Set the material of a compound layer, however, this does not add or remove layers. It is possible to do through the API. I haven’t seen a node that does this, not to hard to make.

Good luck!