Creating Site and Surrounding Buildings in Vasari

I don’t see the ‘Massing & Site’ tab in Vasari. Are we expected to create the site and surrounding elements in Revit and then load into the mass editor?

Thank you for your response.

Is there a way to import a topo dwg. from the site engineer as in the Revit to create a topo surface? Is there then a way to convert the surface to solid as in AutoCad?

It would seem to me these features would be very important in any preliminary site and mass study tool.



Hi Athavan,

You can create the site and surrounding buildings using the massing tools in Vasari, I recommend creating one mass for site and context and a seperate one for your building. This way, you can more easily isolate your building for analysis. Or, as you mentioned, you can create site and context elements in Revit and then open them in Vasari, but be aware that your ability to edit toposurfaces and other non-Massing elements will be a bit limited. You can also import geometry from other applications (see the discussion here).