Creating RoomSeperator lines from DWG

Hey everyone!
I’m trying to create room separator lines from a linked DWG using the “CAD.CurvesFromCADLayers” node from BimorphNodes but keep running into the same error attached below, any suggestions on how to resolve this error or suggestions on how to create rooms from DWG’s would be greatly appreciated!

Make sure your Bimorph nodes are up to date as a first step.

I updated all my packages and that cleared the errors on the Bimorph nodes but I am now getting an error on the “RoomSeperator.FromCurve” node, the error says “Asked to convert non-convertible types” do you know of any fixes/work arounds for this error? what are convertible types?

What types of data are you feeding into the room separator node?

Object.Type > List.Unique

My guess is that you have bad data types in the CAD file (ie: a polycurve).

Im feeding the node “Revit.Elements.ModelCurve”, I checked the CAD file and found the data types contained, are any of these bad data types? is there a list of data types that the node will accept?


So you are passing a solid into the room separator from curve node? That would be the issue. Some types of curve geometry could cause issues as well.

A snapshot of the preview showing what I indicated above would help identify what the issue is.