Creating Revisions in Revit Based off a Toggle Switch

Hi All,

A little background. I’m trying to create revisions in Revit using the Revision.ByName node. I am creating these revisions based off of an excel list. Before I create them, I compare the excel revisions to the current revisions in the project. I then drop the revisions from the list that are already created, so that I am only creating new revisions.

I only want to create the revisions if the current revisions match the excel file, and there are revisions to add (the excel list is longer than the current revisions list from Revit).

What I want to do is be able to run Revision.ByName based off of a toggle switch (Boolean input). Has anybody done this successfully already? I’ve tried creating an if statement through Dynamo, but quickly learned that the “if” node is not a true if statement (for lack of a better term).

Any suggestions would be much appreciated as I’ve been stuck with this for a couple of days now trying to figure out a workaround.