Creating planes in Revit (model massing) using model elements (walls, floors and roofs)

My office uses Sefaira for energy analysis very often during Schematic and DD. Because Sefaira only take SketchUp model in very simple geometry (single plane only, no thickness), one of the most time consuming task is to import a dwg format of our Revit model into SketchUp, and then trace over the existing geometry with SketchUp to create single planes for walls, floors and roofs.

I was wondering if it is possible to use Dynamo to create massing planes where walls, floors and roofs has been modeled and export the massing only.

Unfortunately, I have very little experience using Dynamo to create masses and dealing with geometry modeling and not sure where to start.

Has anyone attempted or encountered this topic in the past that can give me some pointers?

Select face node or the select faces node will give you the geometry of a single face. You can then save this face out to an RFA which will export to sketchup well.