Creating pipeline

hello all
I’am trying to create a pipeline using this script but i get an error : Avertissement:Méthode ‘__func_410c1c30be13478999f3e39e074d127e()’ introuvable

can someone help me to fixe this problem
thank you

I am working with metric project units in mm and it works perfect for me… maybe you can try to change the project units.

Wrong diameter could be the problem also…

hello @alejandre
what did you mean by the project units please ?

EN | Manage --> Project Units
FR | Manage --> Unités

By the way, can you upload your Revit file to take a look?


Hi @alejandre
this is what i get as a result

( concerning my project i have just started so i don’t have really something to show sorry )
do you know how can I get an empty pipe