Creating parameters that are allowed to change by group

Hi everyone,
is there a node that allows the creation of a parameter (text) and check the value to allow the parameter to change from group to group?

Not sure about a node, but looks like it should be possible by python if nothing else.

I’m not sure if this makes sense to have as a ‘single node’ as the ‘make vary by groups’ tag has to be applied after the parameter is created in the internal definition element not the parameter itself. It does appear that this property could be applied to any internal definition once you have it, “so create, then ask again” works, and as such a second node makes more sense.

Sounds more like an option to the regular node but considering the fact that only certain types(go figue why) are allowed i’m guessing that it’s the reason behind the option unavailability

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It is available through the API, just wo,dering if there is a node :slight_smile: